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Miro Developer Portal

I am the lead stakeholder and content owner for the Miro Developer Platform's developer portal (


Key highlights:

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Featured content

Bring visual collaboration to life with Postman and Miro APIs

A collaboration piece with Postman, the leading API test environment. Written for the Postman blog.

Read the blog→

ServiceRocket extends the power of Miro with a new suite of integrations

A promotional piece written to share a new suite of third-party integrations with Miro users. Written for the blog. 

Read the blog→

Taking the fear out of authorization: OAuth essentials for frontenders

A technical walkthrough of the OAuth2.0 flow for beginner developers. Written as part of an educational series by Miro for Developers. Written for DEV.

Read the blog→

Developer Newsletter

Creator and editor of Miro's Developer Newsletter, a monthly digest which goes out to 10k+ subscribers and highlights the value of Miro's developer capabilities (REST API, Web SDK, partner integrations, and more).

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Miro Engineering Blog

Owner and editor of the Miro Engineering Blog. This is a public channel for internal Miro engineers to contribute content on technical topics and serve as an authority in the greater engineering community.

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Annual Developer Hackathon

Sole owner of the annual Miro Developer Hackathon event.

Key highlights:

  • Responsible for budget, marketing, programming, and logistics

  • Own marketing and promotion strategy, targeting an addressable audience of 20k+ developers across:

    • Lifecycle/Email

    • Social

    • Paid Advertising

    • Partner channels

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Miro for Developers YouTube

Creator of the Miro for Developers YouTube channel, bringing it from ideation to fruition and acquiring 500+ active subscribers in its first year.

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I've worked cross-functionally with legal, engineering, and product to develop policies that help developers building apps understand our development lifecycle, versioning, monetization, and more.


developer policies

Over the years, I've contributed hundreds of pieces of developer-facing content to various organizations—both technical and non-technical. You can find some additional samples here.

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